Camp Safari 2019

The 2019 Camp Safari theme was "Sustainability and Conservation".

Education Officer Cou
rtney Kemp gave the group five fun-filled days of learning and exploration which began with a tour of the Levy Preserve and a lesson on national parks and their contributions to conservation.
The second day the group travelled south to The Island School for a tour of the campus and scavenger hunt which led campers to all the different buildings and facilities on the property. They learned about the sustainable ways Island School produces power, fuel and food and its conservation research.

In teams, the campers built their own solar ovens using pizza boxes, foil and a few skewers and successfully "cooked" s’mores.
On Day 4 the team headed north to visit the Hatchet Bay Caves and Sweeting’s Pond. After an overview of the history and geology of the caves, into the Pond they went for a brief snorkeling exercise and  lesson about the special biology of the seahorses and other fish that reside in the pond. They also discussed why special historical and biological spaces should be protected for the future and their contributions to the economy, tourism, science and educ
ation in the country.