Discovery Club Camp 2020

Fifty six students from three schools across the island connected with nature during the annual Discovery Club camp. Camp leaders and Levy Preserve staff guided the exuberant campers through two days of activities designed to test their skills and expand their knowledge of the natural world.

On arrival day teams of students worked to erect their tents and carefully coordinated their sleeping arrangements. After an early dinner they each took turns belting out their respective school songs followed by a trivia battle and campfire safety demonstration

The next morning they up were up for breakfast followed by a guided tour of the Preserve. In the afternoon the young ambassadors collected trash from a segment of shoreline then returned to the campsite for a quick lunch and some leisure time. 

Later that night, the group returned to the Preserve for another tour and a chance to see nocturnal creatures, with the highlight of the evening - a Bahamian boa hunting at the Freshwater Wetland!

The group departed Sunday morning with wonderful memories of this year's camp. See you soon!