Inaugural Eleuthera Business Outlook

5/13/2013 3:56:08 PM
Bahamas National Trust (BNT) enjoyed the limelight at the Inaugural Eleuthera Business Outlook, which was launched on April 25, 2013 by TCL Group, in partnership with the Eleuthera Chamber of Commerce.  The TCL Group is the organizer of the multi-island Business Outlook series.   BNT’s Executive Director, Eric Carey, a featured speaker, the Trust and its contributions to guarding and enhancing the natural treasures of The Bahamas were referenced by Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, who delivered the keynote remarks.

Prime Minister Christie highlighted the importance of the natural environment and its potential role in growing sustainable tourism. Mr Christie launched his remarks with reference to an idea they had discussed.

Mr Christie said: “When I walked into these premises I reminded Eric Carey about a meeting he had with me when I indicated that on each island of our Commonwealth we should move to gather a swath of land and make each one a national park on that island. What truly makes Eleuthera a wonderful island is its natural beauty, the history and the culture, the people, the pristine blue turquoise waters, the abundance of plant life, the unique demography and geography and all the agriculture. It is good that our country understands that the only way we can work, and achieve our goals, is when we come together as one. Therefore the text for this morning is that we should firstly understand the island in every which way and then work together on the path that will help us protect the beauty of this island. Eleuthera’s natural wealth of natural resources and beauty has the potential to make this island a first rate destination for all parts of the world.”

The Prime Minister made special reference to the valuable contribution of the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve in Governor’s Harbour to Eleuthera tourism and the Trust’s role as operator. “In Eleuthera we want to encourage responsible travel and development, reserve and conserve the environment, foster sustainable development on a viable economic scale, and improve the wellbeing of the local people. The Leon Levy Plant Preserve, established by Shelby White (trustee) and operated by the Bahamas National Trust, has from its opening been a major attraction, by/for plant lovers and nature enthusiasts. Offerings like the first national preserve and park will do much to the ecotourism efforts in Eleuthera,” Mr Christie said.


















Lynn Gape

Deputy Executive Director


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