Camp Safari 2012

7/16/2012 7:09:00 PM

"Bahamian Traditions And Our Natural Resources" was the theme of the summer camp at the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve that ran from July 16th- 21st.

The excited campers arrived and were separated campers by ages into Plant groups This year there were Five Fingers (Tabebuia bahamensis)- 5-7 yrs.; Lignum vitae (Guaiacum sanctum)- 8-10 yrs.; Mangroves (all 4 types) 10-12 yrs.; and Gum elemi (Bursera simaruba) 13-15yrs.

One the first day the campers were introduced to a flora or fauna species at the Levy Preserve and then were challenged to create a skit, poem or song that informed their fellow campers about their species.  After this entertaining activity Mrs. Margaret Nixon introduced the campers to Bush Medicine with a demonstration and and talk.

The rest of the week was devoted to talks by local community leaders and hands on activities that involved the young people in traditional activities.

Kite-making and boat-building  were extremely popular and spirited competition ensued in when the traditional games (ring plays, tug-of-war, sack races, skipping rope) were introduced.

Food is always popular and traditional bread making was no exception. A visit to the local bakery to see modern methods and learn about ingredients and then a walk to the park where a talk by Mrs. Annis Antrobus and the making of hot dog rolls that were baked in the outside oven was enjoyed by everyone.

A live demo by Eleuthera craft association President, Sue Culmer, was the highlight of the campers fourth day. She showed the campers items that could be made from seeds and shells and then assisted them in creating attractive rings Mark Daniels did a sisal extraction demonstration for the young people.  Sisal was grown in The Bahamas and harvested to make rope. Crafting would not be complete without learning to plait and Mrs. Louella Prescod instructed the youngsters on how to plait as well how to build a thatch hut.

The last day of camp was a celebration with an overnight camp on the beach where the campers enjoyed a campfire complete with marshmallow roasting and storytelling.

 Campers taste some bush tea
July 16th.
Campers carve toy boats
July 17th. 
Campers learn to bake Bahamian bread
July 18th.
 Campers construct a thatch hut
July 19th.
 Campers enjoy dinner at the wilderness campout
July 20th.
 Everyone hits the surf