Red Listing Training A Boost for Bahamas Conservation Management

12/4/2018 12:45:55 PM
FOURTEEN Bahamian and eight Caribbean experts converged in Nassau for a week of training on how to assess threatened and endangered species—known as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List training. The workshop focused on how Red Listing is done, the components of an assessment and then went through the process of Red Listing Bahamian species. 

The training took place at the Bahamas National Trust’s (BNT) Retreat Garden and included Bahamians from governmental and nongovernmental organizations including staff from BNT, Island Conservation, the Forestry Unit, the Department of Marine Resources and the Bahamas Environment Science and Technology Commission. Also attending were botanists from Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Barbados and Florida. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is the world’s leading authority on the conservation status of all species and is an important tool in assessing a country’s biodiversity status and conservation priorities.

Red Listing training session conducted by Malin Rivers and George Schatz
of Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI)

Group photo of workshop participants and trainers

This training was sponsored and supported by the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve (LLNPP) and the BNT in conjunction with Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) and the Missouri Botanical Garden.