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Official Opening of the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

The Preserve, the first of its kind in the Caribbean is being created by famed landscape designer Raymond Jungles in concert with Wilderness Graphics, Inc. of Tallahassee, Florida and world renowned expert on subtropical plants Dr. Ethan Freid working with the Bahamas National Trust.

The preserve will present a rare opportunity for visitors to learn the glorious history of the native plants of The Bahamas. It will feature medicinal plants used for centuries to make teas and infusions that still hold curative powers. The site’s abundant native plants include orchids, bromeliads, black, red, and white mangroves, wild coffees, mahogany trees, five fingers and numerous other plant species and birds indigenous to the area. The Preserve will also feature some of the culinary and herbal plants native to the islands. Visitors will be able to walk a mile of trail for a unique native plant experience. The project is expected to inject more than $2 million into the local economy.