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'The Night Before Christmas' at The Levy Preserve

On December 29, 2011, The BNT hosted its first annual Christmas event ‘The Night Before Christmas’ at The Levy Preserve in Governor’s Harbor, Eleuthera.  The event attracted 170 children and adults from the surrounding Eleuthera community. Guests enjoyed the event which featured craft making, caroling, tree decoration, Santa giveaways and a feature holiday movie. Treats and snacks such as popcorn, pineapple and coconut tarts, gingerbread cookies and egg nog were available for children to eat while they enjoyed the afternoon.The event was able to attract many of the local families from the Eleuthera community to The Levy Preserve and was successful in spreading the goodwill of BNT and Levy Preserve during the Holiday Season. We look forward to "The NIght Before Christmas 2012".